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Range Rover: The New Autobiography Ultimate Edition

The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Range Rover have upped the anti in the luxury stakes, releasing a new and much more luxurious version of their classic 4WD. The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition is the must have SUV for 2011. Only 500 units will be issued worldwide, and will be launched at the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva next month.

Chilled compartments for the sparkling sorts

The inside flatters its existing luxurious self, where leather, hand stitching and grain finishes are somewhat of the norm. In the Autobiography Ultimate Edition, Range Rover has added rear seats are separated with a console conveniently storing an integrated drinks cooler (for Champagne of course!) and aluminum tray tables. For the tech geeks, there are iPads mounted to the front seatbacks to entertain those in the rear – perfect for checking stocks, online shopping or signing in on asmallworld. The cargo bay has been trimmed with a polished teak deck to compliment your super yacht.

Teak deck trunk space for your luggage

Outside is a dark grille, door handles color keyed to the body (which is available with two exclusive new paint options) and custom 20 inch alloys. Buyers can select the Range Rover Ultimate Edition in a choice of either diesel or petrol. Your choice of a 4.4 litre LR-TDV8 or 5.0 litre LR-V8 supercharged beast. These engines offer 230kW/700Nm and 375kW/625Nm. Perfect for airport runs, a trip to see Mr Louboutin or everyday commuting in style.

The spacious interior looks and feels like a business class seat

by Amanda Johnstone

NYFW Fall 2011: it’s a Fur Thing

During the New York Fashion Week fur has been spotted on shoes, hats and even sunglasses, let alone the more traditional outerwear garments. It’s not just your ordinary mink coats, last week we’ve seen every kind of fur imaginable from the sleek kidassia, to lustrous lynx, to textured broadtail, to sexy chinchilla, to luxurious Russian sable. Here are some of the stand-out runway looks:

Of course the most extravagant garments were delivered by Dennis Basso, who is renowned for his luxurious furs and who has a great following from Aspen to Moscow. No, by the following we don’t mean the PeTA protestants, we’re talking celebrities like Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Kim Cattrall, Ivana Trump, Eva Longoria and Tinsley Mortimer. If you like the sound of Basso, click here to view his entire collection.

Naomi Campbell in Dennis Basso Fall 2011 Campaign

Naomi Campbell in Dennis Basso Fall 2011 Campaign

Now, if you’re in the market for a very special fur coat, but not prepared to wait until the new designer collections hit the stores, check out Zsa Zsa Gabor‘s opulent fur collection, which is being auctioned by her husband Prince Frederic Von Anhalt on his website in order to pay for the Hollywood star’s medical care.. Really?

Zsa Zsa Gabor wears it well

Zsa Zsa Gabor was draping herself in fur long before it became politically incorrect

What strikes me is that Zsa Zsa’a only daughter, Constance Francesca Hilton (yes, a great aunt of Paris and Nicky Hilton in case you were wondering) does not have a say over her mother’s lavish wardrobe… inFURiating much?

by Olga Titarenko