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Haute Today is a functioning digital marketing platform showcasing the latest avant-garde news, technology, social events, fashion and travel destinations to those who are discerningly stylish and sophisticated. We exclusively select the hautest products and services to tantalize your luxury lifestyle.


Olga Titarenko

A self-confessed digital nomad with the appreciation for all things fabulous, Olga has eccentric personality and flamboyant taste. It all started for a pair of red heels Olga convinced her parents to buy for her 12th birthday. Since then she never stopped observing the world’s fashion and its’ influencers. The infatuation for everything extravagant, Olga inherited from her fashion connoisseur mother, who travels the world in search for the perfect red carpet frocks. Olga’s other passion, digital technology, enabled her to work with the world’s largest brands and help them integrate new media strategies in the countless national advertising campaigns.

Yvette King

Far from being ‘just a pretty face’, Yvette brings a wealth of media and advertising experience to the blogging game. After leaving school, Yvette completed a degree in Media & Communications at the University of Sydney, majoring in Film Studies. Yvette is sincerely fascinated with every aspect of video creation: from writing a script, interviewing her subject to filming and editing the footage. She has also done a TV Presenting course at NIDA, which makes her absolutely invaluable in our creative team. Charm seems to be Yvette’s secret weapon as she can get along with just about anyone, whilst building long-lasting genuine relationships.

Amanda Johnstone

Amanda is a powerhouse in International PR and the brains trust behind The Hat Mansion. She has worked on functions for identities such as the cast of Glee through to Good Charlotte. In 7 years she has assisted to raise over AU$6 million for youth charities and played a key role in pioneering the movement of corporate philanthropy in Australia. A self proclaimed rev head, Amanda declares one of her life’s highlights was “Waking up to the sound of the F1 cars warming up outside my apartment in Monte Carlo”. We sometimes wonder if this charity queen has methanol running through her veins. If it’s luxe and has an engine, Amanda’s onto it.

Ilze Skestere

Often referred to as Donatella Versace junior, Ilze is an emerging fashion designer who has recently graduated from Sydney’s University of Technology with a degree in Fashion & Textile Design. Hailing from Latvia, the country of seemingly infinite beaches, Ilze is inspired by the beauty of nature. Her European background contributes towards her distinctively glamorous style. Ilze’s signature elements are vibrant prints, unique drapes, rich use of colour and luxury fabrics with couture finishes. Sensuality and luxury are important components of her style. Ilze believes that ‘extravagance is something your spirit thinks is a necessity’.

Jem Resimcioglu

Jem studied Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology and worked in advertising since the early age. With over 10 years of mobile industry experience in 3 leading global companies, he created and managed partnerships between technology and content companies, media, publishers and government units. He worked with some major brands including AMEX, Pixar, Samsung, Lexus and Hummer to name just a few. His passion is conceptualizing and executing engaging, multichannel digital campaigns and lifestyle portals, that connect people emotionally and practically, while turning brands, products and services into life necessities.



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Your articles have definitely inspired me to really completely change the way I write. I want to let you know I appreciate your great work.

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