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Range Rover use Victoria Beckham & former Miss Universe to target John & Jane Doe

At the Haute Today HQ we were  slightly stunned when Ferarri launched the FerrariFour leaving some of its brand design values much to the topic of debate in every auto museum.  Did Ferrari sell out to capture the family market? We are left asking the similar questions with the new 2012 Range Rover Evoque which was revealed at the recent 2011 New York International Auto Show. Are Range Rover selling out to the masses using lower entry price points and clever celebrity ambassadorship?

The unusual Range Rover Evoque in Colima Lime

Whilst the five door stays a little more aligned to the Range Rovers aesthetically unique shape, the three door coupe SUV looks amartian to the pre-existing collection and somewhat resembles a Honda CRV.

Former Miss Universe Jen Hawkins and Victoria Beckham spruik the Evoque

This new release is a far cry from the elegance of the Range Rover Autobiography, where in February I humbly stated “Range Rover have upped the anti in the luxury stakes” .

Land Rover has confirmed the rumour that the entry level (priced from $53,395) Range Rover will be available in Australia in November .

By Amanda Johnstone